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Fuck you. I'm Drunk

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It''s been a year! [01 Jan 2008|12:43pm]

No one gets drunk and types any more? Sad. :(

I've been pregnant/breastfeeding, what's your excuse?
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Hello [11 Dec 2006|02:23pm]

did you guys stop getting drunk or what? What about any good drunk stories?
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Drunk [03 Aug 2006|07:18pm]

I am so drunk I got my rum and cock cock cock cokc no backaspacing coul be bad bad bad holler yeah yea drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk drnunk woohoo

Anyways hun gioutwit darren drunk uin his pool pool poll yes yes yes yes

drunk druk durnk durnk durnk yes I love it
cokco cock cock cock cock yes! Oh yeah trhe rum too
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[11 Jul 2006|03:10am]

im pryrett fuckign dum
i just moved form laryland to san friacosoco
and i played monolopy just now with my roomamte
god i' drunbk . vodka and sunnyd. i hope ifeel ok inthe mronign
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heeellllo! [06 Jul 2006|07:48pm]

[ mood | drunk ]

ye4eeahaaa! this comm is aweome!
i druink post whenever i'm druhink and its great!  its's so much fun, cuez ppl are like "what ehfe fuck eh?"
so wanywah  i don't even an know how this happencd cuz  iw as just having wine with dinner and then i had ti finnisht he bottal and then open the otherbotteal to seen it was ok... which is fine... but still now i've hadn like three glasess and i'm such a light waeighter.  this is great!
but i'm happy cuz  i got my engagment ring back.. cuz it had to re rsied, but now its on my fingers, so i'm happy!! qwwwh1!!! :-)

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I'm not drunk...yet [11 Jun 2006|09:23am]

Ok so I am not drunk, but I just have to do this, please forgive me in advance. I usually dont do this, but Bo is my friend. He is smart and needs to go to college. Please spread the word. You don't have to donate money, (unless you want), but at least spread the word.


Hi. My name's Bo, and I recently graduated from high school with the aim of going to college in the fall. Unfortunately, I have a big problem. Dickinson College costs a total of $45,000, and I have much less than that. In an attempt to raise my college tuition, I've created a website entitled GetBoToCollege.com, which chronicles my myriad of attempts at making some money.

The best way to help is honestly not even to donate, but rather to tell everyone you know about the site. I highly encourage you to visit the site, and to join the MySpace Group!


Please spread this to others! Thanks!
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[21 May 2006|10:04pm]

Bonged some Jose...post all about it later!
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[14 May 2006|02:30am]

oh ij m am SO DURKN!
i wonder hwy htis coomnutinity doesnt have more0o mmber?S
cuz relaly
think about ie
lots of peolde drunk
los of poepl have live j9hrnall accounts
do the math,
i ceintly cant right now
biut do the math on your own time i thikn you''ll be supriseod(seirously)
i;m a fuvkinger artise.te
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I'm Drunk [02 May 2006|06:05pm]

[ mood | drunk ]

So yeah, I am drunk. Everything is going to hell and I am drunk, I tyope oretty gooid for being drunk, no more backspacing because i will not allowe myself to backsapce anymore

i think my dad is ging to my marry my archenemy!!!!!!!! help is this community dead? i hope not, it is a great idea for a commuitys i think oh well

anyways i am drunk here is my frist post drunekeness

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try this [15 Nov 2005|10:47pm]
have you guys tried the shot train, read about it here, gets u fucked up
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[25 Aug 2005|12:20am]

is nice
only because the long i miso soup.
i would try to opololopologize for being drunk but then i wouldn't have joiuned hte community
anyway, why isn't anyone else diunk\\\\\runk?
i'm not the only motherf swimming in 16 ounces
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[30 Jun 2005|12:57pm]

just joined so here is me, drunk, trying to operate the cameraCollapse )
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Pissed off at Dad [01 Mar 2005|10:09pm]
I’m so pissed off right now because I had a row with my Dad. For the last ten years (since my parents split up), he’s poured out his guts to me, effectively bad-mouthing my mother and sister in my presence at regular intervals. That’s cool, though. He wasn’t trying to upset me, just ejaculating frustration and emotional hurt at me. To this day I think it's great that my father feels safe enough with me to say those things. However, we had a row where I accused him of saying things which were racist (racist statements, mark you, not racist sentiments) and he’s stopped talking to me.

For the last ten years, when he’s been pouring out to me, I’ve felt like an emotional punch-bag, taking what he’s got to say, and rolling with it. Now, I have a bad day (possibly my first in ten years) and say some things he doesn’t like about his political feelings (I’d like to mention that even if he didn’t raise his voice, he was ill-tempered and belligerent). I’ve put up with his emotional outpourings for years, but that’s OK, because he’s talking about my family, not me. And I make one statement and storm off like a spurned wife in a soap opera (I repeat, ONE BAD DAY), and I’m the worst person ever. I’ve apologised if I upset him, and he still gives me grief. In the process of trying to explain myself to him, he calls me Spook and questions my sexuality. I’m 26 and unmarried, because I refuse to commit to any one woman. See a pattern forming? Again, I roll, and hope we’ve made up our differences, so I made a joke in response to jokes he makes (that’s right, folks, a stinking, lousy joke) about Bernard Manning, after he tried to justify himself to me by listing his non-English friends. (What fucking century is this guy living in?)

I tried to make it up to him, by giving him an honest, open declaration of how much I love him and how sad I am that an argument has disrupted our relationship. He comes back with accusations of spite and vitriol.

People have tried to make me choose between my parents since they split, but I’ve always felt the choice is both or none. Do I now forsake my family because of this? No, that would be unfair on the innocent, it’s between myself and my father. I’m not willing to bend to his will; I’m an adult and I have opinions, opinions he may not agree with, but he and my mother were the ones who taught me to make up my own mind, and stand by my beliefs. However, I feel nothing short of grovelling will make up this situation, and I won’t do that. I feel he’s (again) beating up on me because he’s upset and I’m not taking this one. Maybe the solution is to allow him to get over the grudge he’s formed. I know where he lives; birthday/Christmas cards and the occasional hand written note will let him know I’m still thinking of him, whilst letting him get over it. Right now, I’m so angry I’m shaking.
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Hello... [24 Dec 2004|01:06pm]

[ mood | sober ]

I'm not drunk at the moment, but I hope you'll forgive me in the spirit of introduction.

I just joined this community, so here's the obligatory picture (complete with alcohol in hand):

Behind the cut for politeness sake...Collapse )

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[24 Nov 2004|05:33pm]

I'm just barely feeling complete freedom from the weed.

I smoked Sunday and Monday and today is Wednesday. You'll say I'm a lightweight, but I say I'm a money-saver!

Happy Thanksgiving to all you drunk fucks.

I want liquor. Fuck weed. The dumb-ing effects last way too long.
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[19 Nov 2004|01:34pm]


For every intoxicated moment, I <s>hate</s> WISH I COULD UNDERSTAND life

so let's hope this weekend and the following week is filled with intoxication in san francisco and discovering new things

Joe, why did we abandon this place? thx meantryptamine

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[28 Apr 2004|12:27am]

hey i know i'm new here, but you all need to pick up the pace. Slam some drinks down and post some stupid silly god damn awful shit. and fuck crazy straws man, i need some straight straws! Ones that go straight to the mouth. I only drank the warm champagne because i had to. It was from 1979. Shit all that time it waited just to be drank at it's minimum potential, but fuck it i'm drunk so wh am i to complain?
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[27 Apr 2004|01:29am]

I'm drunk and stoned on a monday night! fuck the weekend.
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pictures from my party (FINALLY) [18 Mar 2004|11:31pm]

that night was loads of fun...as you will soon be able to tell

party hardyCollapse )

so there you have it folks!
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[14 Mar 2004|01:42pm]

aaahhh shit man, i'm still pretty high right now...oh god, fuckin' prom was last night...it was kind of boring, but after we went to an after party, and i smoked SO much...i ended up throwing up at the end of the night though...it was pretty bad...but it was still fucking awesome before that happened, i was tripping...still gaaahhh...oh man...oh, and i lost my camera
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