Ruth Miller (alloyd15) wrote in drunkposting,
Ruth Miller

I'm not drunk...yet

Ok so I am not drunk, but I just have to do this, please forgive me in advance. I usually dont do this, but Bo is my friend. He is smart and needs to go to college. Please spread the word. You don't have to donate money, (unless you want), but at least spread the word.

Hi. My name's Bo, and I recently graduated from high school with the aim of going to college in the fall. Unfortunately, I have a big problem. Dickinson College costs a total of $45,000, and I have much less than that. In an attempt to raise my college tuition, I've created a website entitled, which chronicles my myriad of attempts at making some money.

The best way to help is honestly not even to donate, but rather to tell everyone you know about the site. I highly encourage you to visit the site, and to join the MySpace Group!

Please spread this to others! Thanks!
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