PuNkIsH... (punkish_01) wrote in drunkposting,

pictures from my party (FINALLY)

that night was loads of fun...as you will soon be able to tell

not really sure what's going on with me there, but i can tell you for sure i was drunk!

that's greg...somehow or another he ended up with the wreath from my front door on his neck...yyyeahh, then he had these tiny little pants on from this little dummy guy in the bathroom downstairs where the following dude was throwing up:

yeah, this was way before that though...i think he just fell over, or maybe i was behind him and knocked him over...because we did a lot of that...

kaleigh and tiff sitting in my "fetus chair" (as my friend kara, who was not a part of the festivities, would like to call it)...they were pretty buzzed, but not as drunk as me and josh!!

so there you have it folks!
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