Christine (sandwichartist7) wrote in drunkposting,

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ye4eeahaaa! this comm is aweome!
i druink post whenever i'm druhink and its great!  its's so much fun, cuez ppl are like "what ehfe fuck eh?"
so wanywah  i don't even an know how this happencd cuz  iw as just having wine with dinner and then i had ti finnisht he bottal and then open the otherbotteal to seen it was ok... which is fine... but still now i've hadn like three glasess and i'm such a light waeighter.  this is great!
but i'm happy cuz  i got my engagment ring back.. cuz it had to re rsied, but now its on my fingers, so i'm happy!! qwwwh1!!! :-)
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